The company is established in 1990 as “Getsov 59” by eng. Svetoslav Getsov and eng. Petya Getsova with main activity - production of custom furniture.

During 1998 both owners register “SLAVEIA” Ltd. (reg Nr. 564/1998), as the company merged with “Getsov 59”, saving its activity and inherited the already built style and image of reliable manufacturer of furniture with high quality.

Today “SLAVEIA” Ltd. has not only preserved its positions, but also extended its capabilities in order to satisfy more and more its’ clients. The specialization in producing only individual furniture, using high quality materials and new technologies, leads to achieving high end production and service.

“SLAVEIA” Ltd. has its own newly built production base in the industrial zone of Pleven, Bulgaria. It meets all technological, sanitary and hygienic requirements, provides excellent conditions for work and rest of all employees. The technical equipment allows production of both various single furniture and series with very high quality.

In “SLAVEIA” Ltd. works highly skilled people who have been working in the company for a long time. Low staff turnover is a prerequisite for specialization and the creation of a good team that helps achieve the company's policy of maintaining high quality in production and service.